Friday 28 July 2017

Preston Welding Supplies



Here's a short video showing a Cros-Arc 200S MMA welding machine in stock here at Preston Welding Supplies and available for you to try before you buy. It's small lightweight machine with big capabilities, inverter based and with probably the highest duty cycle of all the machines in it's class. Comes complete and ready to weld all for £225.00+vat.

It's a 240v single phase machine, fan cooled and only weighs 7.7kg
MMA or Stick welding is the most versatile and portable type of welding, no gas needed just a handful of electrodes and you're sorted.
We always have in stock a large range of electrodes so that you can weld pretty much all metals such as: Mild and Carbon steels, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron.

We also have Protective clothing for welders, Abrasive cutting and grinding discs, Fluxes, Wire brushes, Welding machine spares and consumables.

Stealth P3 Welding respirators now in stock, the best by far, replaceable filters and no steaming up inside your welding helmet or safety visor. Great for welding and grinding operations, you won't be disappointed, only £18.00+vat

Monday 24 July 2017

Alloy Wheel repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs.

We repair Alloy wheels pretty much every day and have been repairing wheels for many years. The most common problems are cracks on the inside edge of the wheel.
We see wheel rims with this kind of damage all the time. You think you've picked up a puncture and your tyre constantly needs pumping up. So you go along to get the puncture fixed and find that this is the problem, no worries we fix them fast, same day if you get in early enough, even if it's later in the day we'll do our best to get you back on the road.
Wheel rims are part of the MOT test and a crack is a fail.

Bent and buckled wheels are very common too, we have specialist equipment and can true your wheels up in no time.
They are not all this bad but even a small dent in the rim will give a wobble on your steering.

Sometimes its the outside of the wheel which has hit a kerb.

We can weld it up then reshape it.

A quick touch up to the paint and you're sorted.
Give us a try for any wheel repairs you need, we'll do our best to help you out and back on the road fast. 
Please note that we do not have the room to store your car whilst repairs are done we only want your wheels with or without tyres..
Also please be aware that we reserve the right to refuse to repair any wheels which we think would not be safe to use after any repairs.

Give us a try phone 01772 821692

Wednesday 21 June 2017

Dave's Tips

How to identify TIG rods.

I thought i'd do some short videos to show a few little tricks which help you get along as a welder, some of you may already know what I am telling you in the video but hopefully I can help someone with my information here.
The first video shows you a method which I use to identify which of the most common two Tig filler rods is which, most filler rods are identified with a four digit code but some are not, and anyhow if you happen to burn off the bit with the identification on, you would be left guessing what you have in your hand, if you are anything like me, in a busy welding workshop environment and you have lots of partly used rods on your welding table and you just want to get that job finished and don't want to get a new rod from the tube, here's what to do. The most common Tig filler rod for Aluminium is 4043 the next most common is 5356.
A word of apology though, I have just watched the video through again and realised that I have shown you the wrong side of the identification on the 5356 rod so it does not say 5356 on the side you see, it did on the other side,sorry, I am a better welder than I am video maker!

Wednesday 7 June 2017

Aluminium Road and MTB frame repairs

Repairs to Aluminium Road and MTB frames.

I have been doing repairs on bike frames for quite a while now. On MTB's it tends to be cracks which have appeared over time or maybe since a big collision. On a Road bike frame it's mainly damage to the rear drop-out and derailleur hanger. Todays job was on a Commencal hardtail Mtb frame where the top of the seat tube had broken off completely just above the original weld.

The paint had to be removed from the frame near to where I was going to be welding.
The broken top of the tube was re-attached using ACDC Tig at around 65amps with a 1.6mm 4043 filler rod, the frame material is 6061. I also added a small gusset to the front of the break and extended it along the top tube, hopefully this will help spread the load and prevent any further failures.
Job done and customer happy, he's back on the road or maybe trail.

Wednesday 24 May 2017

Jasic JA140 gets even better.

Jasic JA 140 part 2.

Some of the people who have bought the Jasic JA 140 have said its a great machine, small lightweight and easy to use, not to mention cheap too. 
But wouldn't it be great if it could do Aluminium as well, my answer is "it can". This little welder does have its limitations, of course it does. But if you only want to weld thin Aluminium just now and then, this machine will do it, watch the video to see the Jasic JA 140 Pro, welding Aluminium on the cheap!

Tuesday 25 April 2017

Jasic JA 140 MMA/Lift TIG Review

This is a great little machine!

This is the smallest of the Jasic range, a super lightweight portable welder which comes with a 5 yr warranty. Smooth arc welding and great Lift Tig. Simple no fuss machine, watch the video, any questions just contact me by phone or email, try before you buy available.

Monday 24 April 2017

Cros Arc TIG ACDC 200

We decided that it would be a good idea if we did a few demo's and what's in the box type of reviews on some of the welders and equipment we sell. They are all available on a try before you buy basis, if you have any questions please get in touch.